Text 9 Dec A Morning News Job

For the past few weeks I have been staying up later and later each night. I find that I do some of my best work in the evening/overnight hours and early in the morning. I’ve never been much of an afternoon person. In college I would hate going to class and working in the afternoon. I’d just want to fall asleep. Everyday I would go back to my room in the late afternoon, take a nap, and then get up and work late into the night. This got me thinking that I would be suited for a job that would require me to work overnights and into the morning. That way I would sleep in the afternoon. As you know I have been applying for a job in television news. One job I want in particular, is to be the producer of a morning newscast. I know that I would do my best work and would be eager to work that shift. I don’t think many people want that shift.

The point I am trying to make is that I know I would be good producing a morning newscast. Big hint to that station that recently said it will start it’s morning newscast at the new standard time of 4:30a.m. Hire me I know I would be good. This is when I do my best work.

Text 22 Nov Am I a Scientist?

Am I a scientist? That is the question I find myself asking these days as I continue to look for a job. The basic job of a scientist is to come up with hypothesis to answer questions based on there knowledge and then test to see if their hypothesis is true. I have applied this research method to my job search. As the amount of applications I send out and the amount of time that has passed since I graduated college continues to grow and I can count on one hand the number of places that have replied to me. I now need to approach my job search from the eyes of a scientist. It is ironic considering I never liked science in school, but this is when I’m using those skills I guess.

Here’s my process:

Question: Why can’t I find a job as a journalist?

Background: I graduated college with a major in media studies and politics in May of 2009. Since then I have applied to close to 200 media organizations for jobs ranging from news reporter to anchor. I have been blown off by everyone of them.

Hypothesis: I need to start applying for jobs outside of broadcasting but still in the media field maybe I’ll have better luck there.

Experiment: I recently applied to some companies involved in media but not journalism to see if my skills and experiences are relevant to there companies.

Result: Still waiting to hear back. I’ll let you all know if I do.

Text 1 Nov Midterm Election

Election Day is less than twenty-four hours away and I an excited, nervous, and cautiously optimistic as to how it will turn out. I think that there is a lot of anger out there amongst the electorate in regards to the economy and unemployment. People want answers and they will be running to their polling place to cast their vote. I wont give you any predictions or endorse any of the candidates but I do have this to say:

First, it is very important to vote, every vote counts and makes a difference. Second make sure you know everything about the person you are going to vote for. Regardless if you’re voting for a Republican, Democrat, or a third party candidate learn all you can about that person. Don’t vote for someone just because a family member, friend, your union, employer told you to. Don’t base your vote on a negative ad, an endorsement, a commercial from a Political Action Committee. Do the research read the news coverage of the candidates, look at their websites, watch footage of a debate, attend an event for that candidate, or try to talk to the candidate. Thirdly, encourage every registered voter you know to go out and vote.

Remember this: it doesn’t matter what the polls say. It is the final vote count that matters. Don’t go into the polls anger. We are all mad about something, but it is when we are angry that we make decisions that we regret. Vote with a clear head and understand what is going on and who will help fix those problems.

I ask that everybody goes out and casts a vote in tomorrow’s election and that you are happy with your vote. Take these last few hours before you head to your polling place to research all of the candidates to make up your mind. Let your vote be counted and your voice be heard on Election Day! 

Text 28 Oct Working on Finding a Job

I am trying to find my first job in journalism since graduating in 2009. To boost my skills I am expanding on my senior thesis about convergent journalism in hopes of getting a job. I am familiarizing myself with the latest skills for multimedia journalism and though I would see what Tumblr is all about.

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