Text 14 Feb 1 note Remembering NIU 4 Years Latter

On February 14, 2008 a former student at Northern Illinois University entered a lecture hall and began shooting killing five students and injuring twenty-one others before taking his own life. I was a student journalist at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa at the time and the next day traveled to Northern Illinois to report on the memorial services and talk to students. I returned the next year for the first anniversary to report how the school community had changed and remembered those five students who lost their lives.

I am very proud of these two stories that show how the students came together in a time of tragedy to shine a light in the darkness. Both of these stories changed my perspective and made me a better journalist. I still remember walking around that campus four years ago. I share these stories with you below, please watch them and remember the five students who died and the Northern Illinois Community.

Today the NIU Community gathers again to remember. Last month Cole Hall, the site of the shootings, reopened after undergoing renovations.

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